Considering Counseling in the New Year?

Considering Counseling in the New Year?

With new year in full force, you might have considered whether counseling should be part of your new year’s resolutions. Many people question whether they should go or if therapy will help. 

Here are some questions to hep you decide what is right for you: 

  • How long have you been trying to stop, change or struggle with the issue? 
    • If its been longer than a few months, then you have likely tried all that you know to do to solve it and counseling could likely help. 
  • How many times have you tried to stop or change what is happening with limited to no success?
    • More than 2 previous attempts might indicate outside help is needed. 
  • Have other people mentioned that you should get counseling?
    • As much as we don’t want to admit it, sometimes others can see issues in our life better than we can.
  • Have you thought that you should go and then talked yourself out of it?
    • Call and make an appointment before the change your mind again. 
  • What will this year be like if things don’t change?
    • Don’t risk things getting worse!
  • How often is this problem an issue and how severe is it when it is? 
    • If it is a weekly problem or if it totally disrupts your life and your day when it happens, counseling is likely indicated. 
  • Have you thought that you should go?
In short, if you are questioning whether to go or not I would recommend going. If you are unsure, commit to yourself to go for about 4 sessions to see if it helps. If people come in early, often they can experience a lot of relief in just a few sessions. Usually, the longer you wait the worse the problem gets and more intensive work will be needed (although its never too late). 

2014 is a great year make changes. 

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