Counseling for the Whole Family

Few things hurt like conflict and pain in our close relationships. The biggest thing I hope clients can see early in our counseling sessions is that it can get better. That the arguing, the loneliness, the disappointment and the uncertainty can come to an end. If your relationships at home have become a source of hurt and discouragement, then family counseling and couples counseling can help. I can help identify what behaviors and patterns are keeping you stuck and teach you how to shift into more productive, healing conversations. The day is coming when you will enjoy each other’s company, when you will feel safe and supported again, and when you will look forward to the future together. I would be honored to help you walk from this difficult season towards that better day.

Through couples counseling, we can help you get out of escalating, unproductive arguments or resolve serious hurts lingering in your relationship.

Family counseling services available to address your concerns about parenting, behavior issues and communication.

Individual counseling can help overcome symptoms which are impacting your quality of life and relationships with loved ones.

Counseling to help kids understand their emotional needs and struggles and to aid parents in supporting children and teens.

Family Counseling and Couples Counseling in Edmond, Oklahoma

My counseling center is located right in your backyard in Edmond, Oklahoma. I specialize in family and couples counseling, but also counsel children, adolescents, and individuals.