Right now, you might be feeling the frays at the end of your rope beend-of-ropecause life has gotten you that far down. You need things to be different and to have some relief. If I could say something to you now, it would be that it won’t be like this forever, it will get better.  Therapy can help it get better faster.

But does therapy really work? Can people really change? Honestly, I am a goal oriented person. I couldn’t do this job if my clients didn’t get better.  Although you might not see a way through what you are dealing with, there is a way and we will find it.

I would describe my style as genuine, supportive and focused. The first element of change is being real about how things are right now and then identify a plan for what to work on. I am mostly supportive and understanding with clients but I will step on your toes when needed.  I believe that therapy should have clear direction. We will agree on what we are working on and will have a purposeful way to get there.

Client in my practice are diverse ranging from children and teens to couples, individual adults and families. I do strive to have a wide range of client. I believe it keeps me sharp and fresh instead of seeing very similar cases. With that being said, I do work a lot with anxiety issues, trauma, and couple issues such as chronic arguing, infidelity, and sex. 

I offer appointments in the office or remote telehealth appointments for clients in Oklahoma.