Family Counseling in Edmond, OK

Few things hurt like conflict and pain in our close relationships, especially those in our families. I hope clients can see early in our sessions is that it can get better – that the arguing, the loneliness, the disappointment and the uncertainty can come to an end. If your family relationships have become a source of hurt and discouragement, then family counseling can help. I can help identify what behaviors and patterns are keeping you stuck and teach you how to shift into more productive, healing conversations.

Family Counseling Services

Family counseling services are available to address your concerns about parenting, behavior issues and communication. Many issues that you might think of as individual counseling issues are actually more quickly and effectively dealt with in family counseling. Some examples of treatment issues for family counseling include:

  • Arguing, unresolved conflict
  • Ineffective consequences or rules
  • Grief or loss
  • Family life transitions (i.e. new baby, divorce, blended family, leaving for college)
  • Strained relationships
  • Coping with family member’s mental health issues
  • Trust and forgiveness