Individual Counseling in Edmond, OK

Sometimes we encounter seasons of our lives in which we need someone to walk with us and to help us overcome certain challenges. I hope clients can see early in our sessions that it can get better – that the anxiety, the depression, the conflict, and the loneliness can come to an end. I can help you identify what behaviors and patterns are keeping you stuck and teach you how to shift into more productive, healing behaviors. The day is coming when you will feel like you are thriving again, personally and in your relationships, and you will feel excited about the future again. I would be honored to help you walk from this difficult season towards that better day.

Individual Counseling Can Help

Individual counseling can help overcome symptoms which are impacting your quality of life and relationships with loved ones. Common issues that we are work on individually include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Difficult family relationships
  • Isolation
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Grief
  • Conflict in relationships
  • Trouble adjusting to changes
  • Mood swings

Frequently Asked Questions about Individual Counseling

Are you just going to ask me “how that makes me feel” or have me talk about my childhood?

I have said these things but it’s not what I primarily do. The focus on therapy is a collaborative process with you as the ultimate decision maker. My job is to listen and understand what you need and then present ways to get there.

I feel totally hopeless. Can therapy really help?

That hopeless feeling is real; you’re not making it up. But it’s a symptom of depression. Starting therapy can help you learn how depression is shaping how you view the world and how to start reclaiming your life back from depression.

I tried tons of coping skills but nothing has helped me. What makes you different from other counselors I have seen in the past?

I think I am different from many therapists in the OKC metro because I have been trained with a relationship lens. It’s too simplistic to think that problems are just a result of not knowing coping skills or having negative thoughts. Your struggles are usually a combination of things within you (thoughts, feelings, behaviors) and struggles within your current or past relationships. If you already know coping skills and are still struggling, then let’s use a relationship lens to examine your problem.